PETRONAS Technology Engineering Quick Facts

    • Our E&P arm, Carigali, has pioneered the use of world’s first technologies, among which are sand control and clearing organic solids from production tubing.
    • Malaysia’s first deepwater development project, Kikeh, utilises Truss Spar technology, the first outside the Gulf of Mexico and fabricated by our subsidiary MMHE. FPSO Kikeh, also fabricated by MMHE, has the largest and heaviest external turret in the world.
    • We installed the world’s first onshore mercury management system to treat raw condensates, eliminating possible health, safety and environment (HSE) and operational hazards.
    • Our top-of-the-range fully-synthetic passenger car lubricant, Syntium 5000, meets the highest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) specifications and API standards.
    • The ECOPLUS™ range of environmentally-degradable polymers developed by PETRONAS is an innovation in the manufacturing process of degradable plastic resin.
    • From our involvement in F1 we have gained automotive engineering technology, resulting in the successful development of the PETRONAS EO1 engine, currently being developed for commercial use.
    • PETRONAS researchers have also successfully applied Green Chemistry in the removal of mercury from hydrocarbons and in the treatment of low quality crudes.
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), carbon dioxide (CO2) management, contaminants removal, green and sustainable technologies are being pursued.
    • Accredited with ISO standards for engineering systems and solutions.
  • Engineering solutions are focused on asset integrity and optimisation.