Technology & Engineering

Recognising that technology is a key driver of growth, PETRONAS pursues the strategic deployment and application of technology to further enhance operational excellence and maximise the potential of our existing assets and emerging opportunities. Towards this end, we have formulated our Technology Agenda to focus on technologies for future positioning of our businesses in both the upstream and downstream sectors.
In the short term, our technology focus is on improving operational excellence through better plant and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance. For the longer term, we aim to develop niche technologies to enhance the performance of our core businesses.

Upstream, our efforts are focused on developing technologies to increase hydrocarbon resources, particularly in deepwater areas, and to enhance the productivity and recovery of our fields.

In the downstream sector, we seek to maximise throughput and yield in our oil, gas and petrochemical operations through the application of technology. By studying and applying the appropriate technological solutions to our processes, facilities and materials, we continue to achieve higher levels of operational excellence. At the same time, as quality standards and demand for new applications increase, we are expanding our range of petroleum, polymer and special products to meet the needs of a fast-evolving world. Through strategic alliances with world-class institutions, developing and deploying technology for PETRONAS growth and future positioning commercialising technology solutions for value and competitive advantage.